How to Achieve the Perfect Shave: Tips, Tricks, and Must-Have Products

How to Achieve the Perfect Shave: Tips, Tricks, and Must-Have Products

Getting a perfect (and long lasting) shave has been a constant battle all my life. I have friends that can grab a $2 Bic razor, a bar of soap, and get baby smooth legs...but that's not me! If you struggle with this too...just know you're not alone. I do have good news though- I have found the best combination of products that lead to the perfect shave. It even lasts more than one day!

I'll get right to it!

4 Steps to the Perfect Shave

  1. First, smooth legs with a gentle exfoliating rag (like this one)
  2. Using your favorite scented MillTown Shave Bar, create a thin lather and shave using a quality razor
  3. Follow up shaving with exfoliating (part two) using our Sugar Scrub
  4. Apply Tend Skin Solution to dry legs immediately after steps 2 and 3. 

Seems like a lot of exfoliating, right? Exfoliating plays an essential role in the perfect shave! Some benefits include: 

-Removes Dead Skin Cells: These cells can build up and clog your pores, leading to a rough shave and an increased likeliness for ingrown hairs. 

-Allows the Razor to Glide More Smoothly Across the Skin: This reduces irritation and inflammation caused from shaving.

-Smooth Skin's Texture: Exfoliation helps to smooth out the skin's surface and creates an even texture. This not only improves the effectiveness of your shave but also leaves your skin feeling softer and looking healthier.

-Allows for a Closer Shave: Exfoliating before shaving can actually lift the hairs up off the skin, resulting in a closer shave with less chances for razor burn. 

Wondering what makes our Shave Bars so awesome?? 

They're packed with bentonite clay and glycerin to protect your skin and provide the best shave ever. As someone that is super sensitive to shaving- this shave bar has been a game changer! 
Benonite Clay: Provides the perfect glide of your razor for the most amazing shave! 
Glycerin: Moisturizes and soothes. It also creates a luxurious and rich lather. 

Try this and let me know what you think! Here's to a clean shave and smoother day ahead!




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